NORWAY — On Wednesday, December 4 from 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., The First Slice: the Restorative Power of Memoir Writing will be presented at Norway Memorial Library. Shellie Leger, a published writer who holds an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from Stonecoast, through the University of Maine, will present The First Slice (FS), a workshop designed expressly for the reticent writer. If you’re a beginner who struggles putting pen to paper or fingertips to keys, this workshop is for you. We will mine for where we should begin and tackle three pillars of memoir—character, time and place. At the end of this workshop you’ll have discovered the organizing point(s) of tension that propels your character to move toward what she wants. Ideally, you’ll be primed to soldier on in your endeavor to tell your story. This workshop will be taught by an MFA with 2 published novels and one in the making.
The writer May Sarton claims that the only way through pain is to “absorb, probe, understand exactly what it is and what it means.” She unpacks more of her belief regarding psychic pain by continuing to explain that “to close the door on pain is to miss the chance for growth, and nothing that happens to us, even the most terrible shock, is unusable, and everything has somehow to be built into the fabric of the personality.” Let’s find our deepest truth, and figure out where we want to make the first slice in our story. The first cut’s the deepest.

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