Oh my goodness, it appears as though I have broken the law, again. You see I purchased some animal food from the local building supplier. On the yellow page these words were inserted. “According to Maine State Law- Feeding wildlife before December 15th is not allowed”. What to do was the question floating around the empty space in my skull? You see we start the year out feeding the mourning doves and quite a variety of birds that stop by. I think somewhere there is a map in their minds that let them know there is free food here two times a day. The majority of the winter we feed animals that visit us. As spring approaches the mallard ducks begin to come by for their meal. Their numbers swell to almost 100 toward the end of the summer. It is quite enjoyable to watch the hatchlings change their feathers for the seasonal journey. Then along come the turkeys. Now I must tell ya heya that I do not like the turkeys coming by. Both ends of these buggers seem to work all the time. They make quite a mess and one cannot walk around barefooted during the summer. Well I suppose you could, but what the turkeys leave is not something desirable getting in between ya toes. I will admit I do what I can to convince them this is not one of their feeding spots. It really doesn’t do any good because they watch me leave then hurry out to get their fill of the bird seed or corn, I put out for the other creatures.

Being the law-abiding citizen that I am, and the way I interpret words, I had to look up “wildlife”. I know for sure there was a time or two I could have been considered part of the wild life of Rangeley. Especially if I had just purchased a fresh bottle of Crown Royal. It would be a shame if I had to wait until December 15th just to eat. Webster goes on to describe this as “living things that are not human or domesticated”. Now, I don’t know if that description of domesticated would fit my character, but I still think I am part human so its okay if I eat anytime I want to. With the strictest interpretation of this description of wildlife, means I can not feed the hummingbirds when they come by. I know I would have a lot more spending money if I convinced all these critters to go elsewhere. I just enjoy their antics and am more than willing to encourage their stopping by. Well, I know there is a problem with people feeding the deer and turkeys and then shoot the one of their choice. I surmise that this is the best interpretation of wildlife, at least one that suits my life for now. Of course, the law enforcers and I do not agree at times, but I will hope they allow this. Now I have to convince the deer not to eat from the bird

feeder until after December 15th. One could say this is not intentional on my part so it’s ok. Well, my sister is the one feeding the birds so it would be her fault anyway. I have decided what needs to be done is go out and place signs for the deer. I can section my lawn with paint to allow other animals to eat when they get hungry. I would hate having to force the doves to go elsewhere. This way, if the deer eat the bird food, then its their fault or my sister’s fault and not mine. I will admit, I put the corn out for the ducks’, but they seem to be going elsewhere now. What I will do now is mark off areas ducks only, doves only, NO Turkeys and maybe an occasional squirrel. If the deer can not read, then its not my fault. I will not put feed in the area designated for deer only. That should convince all that I am almost close to being what one would call law abiding. Also, by law I am not allowed to hunt with my bb gun. I would not shoot any animal anyway. I enjoy life and enjoy their visits.

Happy day to ya all. Ken White.

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