Impeachment is not about undoing the 2016 election. Even if Donald Trump had come into office clean — without the hush payments to mistresses, tax fraud from his foundation and so on — what he did with regard to Ukraine violates his oath of office. He used his governmental position to promote his private political campaign in two ways: redirecting the foreign service’s on-the-job time away from the national interest and toward his private political interest; and reallocating the taxpayers’ money to buy opposition political research.

Whereas Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton recognized they had done something wrong, Trump does not. He is actually proud of his “perfect” phone call.

If allowed to remain in office, Trump will surely be emboldened to do something similar again, with other countries.

If the Republicans in the Senate vote to acquit him, they will be accomplices to those anti-Constitutional violations.

Jonathan Cohen, Farmington

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