The tardigrade is a tiny animal known for its ability to endure extreme conditions, including freezing solid, and then coming back to life. At first thought, this seems like an impossibility.

How could any life form come back to life after being frozen solid? Well guess what, many trees do the same thing every year. Trees (and many other plants) have the ability to come back to life each spring after enduring freezing conditions for moths at a time.

Yes, it’s true, trees have no internal organs such as a heart or lungs, like we do, but they do breathe and have a circulatory system, so how could they recover after being frozen? It’s like the miracle of birth, which has happened billions of times. When you stop and think about it, trees are amazing.

The author is a licensed Arborist. He can be reached at [email protected] or 207-693-3831.

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