Well it is still snowing out and I can’t go out and play with my toys. It is not the right time to work on one of my wood projects. So, I thought heck, another story. I sure hope you folks do not get too tired of these little stories. But if ya do, you know how to delete them. I get almost a dozen emails from one fella each day and I know how to use my delete button. So here goes.

I enjoy reading and studying different topics. Like, what else ya going to do at 2 am. Sure enough, world changes slip in here. It puzzles me how some good people focus on only one thing and ride that horse way after it is dead and gone. But this horse is still galloping and I am not sure if the cowboy sitting on it knows east from west. Let’s look at the earth as one giant massive puzzle. This puzzle is not really an interlocking one. If you move one piece, it sure changes the others. Science shows that one of the greatest green house gasses is water vapor. So, stop and think a moment about where all this water vapor comes from. How much have we changed that? Where does all the water go from an area that now has severe drought? When a piece of land is flooded and then dries up, where does all of that water go? Burning of propane and hydrogen produces water vapor. Geothermal power plants produce water vapor. This is one massive all encompassing cycle and ya ain’t gonna change it in a week or two. Just how much can we small humans change this cycle?

Now let’s take a small peek at another thing that is happening. Science has proven that land that used to be covered by glaciers has actually risen a bit due to the loss of weight. A rise in the ocean level is determined by comparison of land level and ocean height. If land rises by loss of weight, can land sink due to more weight? Let’s take some islands such as Hawaii, Japan, and Manhattan. Years and years ago, there were very few people and megastructures on these islands. Now stop a moment and think how much weight is now on these islands. Is it possible they have actually sunk some? After all, they are sitting on a semi-solid earth.

Now let’s take a peek at another piece of this puzzle. Does the sun change, and how much and how often? Yes, the sun does change. Volcanic activity changes. Floods and drought cycles changes. So science has chosen one of the smaller problems of greenhouse gasses to concentrate on. Folks, I think ya best bet under the present earth cycle is just to sell ya property in Florida and concentrate on the mountains. Our climate has changed, and my generation knows that. The big question now, how is the earth going to change now that the sun is going into a low cycle? Are volcanoes going to spit more dust and is there going to be more water vapor? If these three things change, best to get out ya winter coats to watch July 4th fireworks.

Ya have a nice day now… going out to play Ken W

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