Bag Lady and Shopping Siren need a little spice in their life.

Like, actual spice.

We’ll start with garlic powder. Basil. Cilantro.

Why stop there? We also need rubber gloves, trash bags, windshield wash. Sponges, dish soap, plates, tape.

The holidays have cleaned us out and Dollar Tree calls! It’s a perfect spot to restock after a season of excess and excess spending.

Also, sink plungers are a thing. Narwhals are having a moment. And people are putting paprika on french fries?!


Our. Eyes. Are. Opened.

So worth the trip.

• Spices!, 0.35 to 6 ounces, $1

It’s pantry staple nirvana: Garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder, basil, cilantro, the list goes on. Lurking on the shelf is also . . . French fry seasoning? It’s a mix of salt, garlic, onion, black pepper and paprika. So who is shaking this on their fries? And how delicious is it? Inquiring minds/taste buds want to know. (Also, now we want fries.)

• Germ-X antibacterial hand wipes, 20-pack, $1

Purse perfect in cute floral packaging and alcohol-free, so it doesn’t thoroughly dry out your hands while you’re busy not contracting your co-worker’s flu. Win-win!


• Cooking Concepts breathable vegetable storage container, $1

It looks like the little slated carton you’d get with farm-picked blueberries and strawberries, except this one is made out of dishwasher-safe plastic and has a clear lid on top. Adorable. Just what you want visitors to see when they open your fridge — as opposed to, say, the leftover fruitcake and half bottle of sparkling cider that are front and center in there now.

• Pine-Sol, 10.75 ounces, $1

Makes five gallons, according to the packaging. For when you only need a modest the-dog-just-peed-on-the-kitchen floor amount. Things happen, no judging, but Gigi, you’re on notice.

• Windshield wash, 64 ounces, $1

We’re in the pits of winter. Maybe buy three.


• Four-gallon trash bags, 40-pack, $1

In lemon, vanilla, lavender and mountain air scents, bathroom-trash can sized. One pack will almost see you through the entirety of 2020 if you’re working with one loo and a weekly trash pickup. Use two loos? Woo to you.

• Disposable gloves, 100-pack, $1

Make 50 awful chores slightly less awful with two gloved hands! Gigi, don’t get any ideas.

• Scrub Buddy sponges, six-pack, $1

Shopping Siren swears by these sponges. They’re thick, have a scrubby side and come SIX to a pack. (Competitors, by comparison, toss you two and call it a deal at $1.50. Sheesh.) Great for dishes and general cleaning in this, the season of cleaning up after all the holiday guests have left. New rule: The first guest who spills red wine on the carpet has to host next year’s New Year’s Eve party. Janice.


• Jergens extra-moisturizing hand wash, 7.5 ounces, $1

With a pleasant cherry-almond scent and a light moisturizer, this hand soap rocketed to the top of Shopping Siren’s must-buy list a while back. All the cooking, cleaning and handshaking of the holidays left her with an empty container and (*gasp*) the need to put bar soap by the kitchen sink. Not anymore! Supply replenished. Hands washed. Cherry-almond crisis averted.

• Dawn Ultra dish soap, 7 ounces, $1

Concentrated dish soap in rain-or-flower scents. Or go with a bottle of the traditional blue stuff, which smells. . . blue.

• Ceramic plates, $1

In white, off white, red, green and gray. Because someone broke more than a few plates while cleaning up the holiday dinner. It may have been you. It may have been us. Blame is not really the point here.


• Scotch transparent tape, two rolls, $1

There are 500 inches of tape between these two rolls — more than enough to replenish your holiday gift-wrapping supply. Which is good because now it’s birthday gift-wrapping season.

• Narwhal novelties, $1

Party banner! Marshmallow gummy! Giant eraser! OK, so you may not need narwhal novelties, per se, but they’re crazy cute and we’re pretty certain your New Year’s resolutions included getting more crazy cute in your life. You’re welcome.

Best find: Treat Me bath bursts, $1

In a variety of scents, colors and shapes. You deserve some home spa time after all that holiday stress.


Sink plunger at Dollar Tree. Too cute for something that handles drain gunk.

Think twice: Sink plungers, $1

Little plungers that look a little like toilet plungers but palm-sized. We’re not sure how well these work. We’ll go out on a limb and guess maybe not great? But we wouldn’t fault you if you wanted to try one. They come in a ton of colors and are really wicked adorable.

Yeah, we said it. Adorable plungers. The spice of life.

Bag Lady and Shopping Siren’s true identities are protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who never pee on the floor) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach them at [email protected] and [email protected]

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