The special report “A scar across the land” (Jan. 13) was a very nicely done presentation which carefully skirts the very limits of the truth and offers forecasts which, when after the fact do not come to pass, will soon be forgotten.

What possible “irreparable damage to trout” could be caused by a 150-foot-wide corridor and wires 100 feet above the ground that has not already been caused by hundreds of miles of wide gravel truck roads, many more smaller graveled access roads to log yards, thousands of skidder roads, along with necessary bridges, culverts, stream crossings, gravel pits, log yards and forests that have been continuously commercially harvested since the mid 1800s?  (See appropriate satellite images.)

I have no interest in whether this project is or is not done, but I think people should deal with facts.

As for the folks at Whipple Pond, it could be worse. My family has a full-size CMP power line running the full length of our 65 acres, passing 200 yards from the farmhouse. We have been paying taxes on about 10 acres of land under easement since 1945, unable to use it for much except to mow hay.

Charles Tobie, Hebron

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