I am afraid I have been wrong all along. The president of the United States did break a huge law. Everyone should have seen this a long time ago. As a matter of fact, this law was broken way back in 2016. It happened right in front of our eyes.

The big law the president broke was the unwritten law. How dare he do such a bad thing.

Here he was an outsider, not a politician. How dare he win the election. We can’t let him keep helping the people. Even though it’s great for the country, we must find a way to make him look bad. Low unemployment be dammed. The best economy in years — who cares?

Even though we can’t come up with a law he broke, we have to make it look like he did.

We’ll make it look like he is a criminal — just about anything to get him out of office. To heck with the country being torn apart because of it.

It’s all OK with me. I will vote for him this time because he is doing a great job. So try as the liberals might, the people will re-elect President Trump.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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