This is what I would like to say to the roomful of “red-blooded Americans” (Sun Journal article, Jan. 18) which erupted in sustained applause upon the entrance of Michelle Malkin (thus perhaps giving some clue that they might have been a hand-picked and friendly crew).

People of Sabattus should know that those folks swarming and strutting in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan. 20 are the friends of their recent guest, Michelle Malkin. Would Sabattus residents welcome such a rally to their town? That rally included Proud Boys, neo-nazis and Holocaust deniers. Malkin may have toned down her speech for Sabattus (and the press), but that is what and whom she publicly supports. Maybe that crowd will be coming soon to a town near Sabattus? I certainly hope not. But if so, residents should save their pennies — the public safety costs of such a gathering are massive.

Sheila Leavitt, Newton, Massachusetts (formerly of Turner)

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