Town of Wilton
Planning Board Agenda
February 20, 2020
7:00 PM

1) Pledge of Allegiance.
2) Review and consider adopting the minutes from the previous meetings, 1-30-2020.
3) CEO Report.
4) Other Business:
(a) Elective Electrical Transmission Corridor Moratorium Ordinance & Development of Ordinance.
Renamed Energy/Transportation Conduit (ETC) Draft revised and sent for legal review, copy to CMP.
(b) Exploding Target Ordinance.
(c) Marijuana Moratorium to develop Ordinance & Application similar to Farmington, or Eustis.
(d) Wilton Planning Board-Meeting/Hearing Rules.
(e) Other Ordinance changes
1) Add line in section 4.9 Downtown/Village Zone: Retail & office storefronts on the ground
level-street side shall be maintained as storefronts or offices and shall not be converted to
residential or other uses.
2) Add Watershed Overlay Zone in Zoning Maps and list Watershed Overlay (WO) in tables
along with Resource Protection (RP) as the Varnum Pond Watershed Protection Ordinance
was passed in a special town meeting.
(f) Solar Power Amendment to Zoning Ordinance.

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