I write in response to the story (Sun Journal, Feb. 21) about a proposed rule change that would allow parents to choose an X instead of M/F on birth certificates. The whole idea is ridiculous.

People are born with XX, XY, or occasionally a genetic defect for sex chromosomes. Allowing parents to choose what they want their child to be is like predetermining the child’s fate. How hard will it be for the child to correct the birth certificate later on? What if that child wants to be a male/female (according to his/her chromosomes)?

If parents want their child to identify as “gender neutral” (and don’t like the sir/ma’am or he/she identifier, they should try naming their child “Unit 22020” ( using date of birth), or use a Social Security number, or Unit-(gender neutral name). That way everyone who knows that child’s name will not mistakenly mis-address it.

If choosing what sex parents want their child to be on the birth certificate is allowed, how long before we get to choose whether we want to identify as white/black/Hispanic/native American/Asian/Alien?

Today’s world is confusing enough without a child not knowing what he/she/it is, and that could add to the child’s mental stress and be another topic for bullying.

Rich Hatch, Hebron

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