I am very disappointed in the Concord Coach Lines’ decision to allow ICE agents to check the status of people on their buses. I recently experienced an ICE check. The agents were polite but their process was intimidating. They asked that anyone who was not a U.S. citizen to show documents, passed the likes of me (white, older woman) by, but asked for documents of a gentleman with darker skin, even though he also said he was a citizen. No one was removed, but we all knew it was possible, including me, had I chosen to question them.

The purported rationale for this may be fear of terrorism following the 9-11 attacks and that terrorists came in from Canada through Maine. But that was a problem with the security screening at an airport outside of the U.S. and security at the Canada-U.S. border, not the Portland bus station with a diverse group of regular folks.

Seems to me the greatest terrorist threats are coming from white supremacy and related gun violence. I suspect these bus checks, and the new ICE facilities, are part of the current administration’s attempt to intimidate immigrants and sanctuary cities such as Portland.

It is my understanding that it is not legally required that ICE check bus passengers. Greyhound has decided to not allow ICE to board their buses anymore. Concord will do well to follow suit. Until then, I will take the train.

Dorothy Raymond, Norway

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