PARIS — Oxford County Administrator Tom Winsor told commissioners Thursday that Great Works Internet is working with Community Concepts Finance Corp. to bring high-speed internet service to Gilead and Milton and Albany townships by mid-2022.

According to a statement from the Biddeford company, the project will be funded by Great Works Internet’s private capital fund, with additional federal funding through the Department of Agriculture’s ReConnect Program. Before it can apply for a loan, 15 businesses from the three municipalities must fill out a federal form “expressing the need for improved internet connectivity and interest in subscribing to a new and faster service.” Without the required forms, Great Works Internet cannot submit the grant application, the company said.

There are no guarantees that the grant will be awarded, but the company has a “great working relationship with USDA and since we have already received a $7 million loan/grant award we feel good about our chances,” the statement said.

It will take about six months from March 16 before Great Works Internet will know if it has been awarded the grant and another four to six months to close out contracts. After that, it will take nine to 12 months to build up the network.

“If successful, by mid-2022 businesses and residents of Gilead, Milton, and Albany Township make the transition from some of the slowest internet connections to some of the fastest in the United States,” the release reads.

Cost for the internet services will not be finalized for at least a year.

Glen Holmes, president of Community Concepts Finance Corp., said in a phone interview Thursday evening that the agency is taking an advocacy role in the project, providing assistance with surveys and obtaining information from potential customers.

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