To the Editor:

These are unprecedented times. While the COVID 19 emergency calls for isolation and “social distancing,” we need to work together more than ever, as one crisis compounds another. While CEBE will continue to work for climate justice over the long haul, we are turning to the crisis at hand and striving to be useful to our community in the short term.

We will be meeting with our local community food council in emergency session to see how we might be able to help provide access to food for community members that will be especially challenged. We will be looking at jump starting our Spoke Folks Cargo Bike Cooperative for food deliveries through Fare Share Market, local restaurants and emergency food pantries. We will also be engaging with local farmers to see how we might help them get their products safely to those who need them.

We also wish to encourage people to grow gardens. There is no better time to be sowing seeds and looking towards the growing season as a way to provide for our physical and psychological well-being in these troubled times. Starting now, we can have fresh greens in a few weeks. We are here to answer questions and help support your efforts. You are not alone in this.

Scott Vlaun

The CEBE team

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