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If you haven’t yet experienced the joy that is eating fresh-from-the-air-fryer tater tots, there’s no time like a pandemic to give it a whirl.

The only thing better: Popping fresh tots while binging “Tiger King” on Netflix.

And maybe chasing it with a slice of Governor’s peanut butter pie.

It’s been that sort of two weeks. I’m sure it’s been for you, too.

While Bag Lady would give about anything to blissfully frolic through the aisles right now, this week it’s all about distraction. And tots. And tigers. And a tongue-lashing for Dinty Moore.

Dinty Moore, like, the stew?

Surprisingly, yeah.

Like couples across Maine, we’re getting a lot more isolate-at-home togetherness time in, which leads to lots of random conversations, which led to discovering that a decade ago Mr. Bag Lady sent Dinty Moore a letter absolutely ripping the company for changing its meat/carrots/potato/gravy formula.

He was so irate, he took pen to hand to dash off a nasty missive yet made zero mention of it to me at the time, choosing to stew, as it were, in private.

Dinty Moore had been a decades-long comfort food go-to, that much I knew. But then suddenly one day it tasted like “canned dog food with a hint of kerosene,” according to Mr. Bag Lady.

The company didn’t respond to his letter. Time marched on. And a decade later, all is *maybe* forgiven?

Freshly purchased and in our cupboard right now: A 38 oz. can of Dinty Moore. He says maybe it’s great again.

I’ve gotten a match ready just in case.

Another match? You + “Tiger King”

It absolutely takes wild and crazy to another level.

The Netflix docuseries follows the relative rise and utter fall of one Joe Exotic, a country-singing spitfire who runs a zoo, breeds tigers and charges $339 to pet his cubs. (And people pay it, in flipping droves!) As the story winds through seven episodes and we learn about a simmering tiger feud, there’s allegations of murder, meth, multiple husbands, multiple wives, mullets, hitmen, you name it!

It’s that perfect show that finds you turning to your partner every five minutes with a, “What the . . .?”

We’re also binging Fox’s “LEGO Masters.” A lot of fun, but so far there’s 100% fewer tigers, arson and hitmen, though hope does spring eternal.

Now about those tots

Bag Lady was a slow convert to the air fryer gifted to us at Christmas. It’s a beautiful, LARGE, shining thing that took up coveted counter space for the first two months while it sat patiently waiting to be used. I flipped through the booklet it came with, and uninspired to make coconut banana fritters or ratatouille, it remained ignored.

Until someone raved about the tater tots.

Ten minutes, 400 degrees, served with a mound of cold ketchup = utter bliss.

I’m paying it forward here and strongly recommending you give them a go.

Now if you’ll excuse me while I do a deep dive, I understand Kate McKinnon is developing a show based on “Tiger King,” playing the woman whom the series suggests might have fed her husband to a tiger, and there’s news that one of Joe Exotic’s two husbands, the one who spent the entire series shirtless and near-toothless, has gotten beautiful new teeth!

I know! It’s that good. Happy distraction.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who have no tiger blood in them) and the customer service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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