It’s difficult to believe we’ve been talking about the coronavirus since the beginning of the year. In our home, it’s pretty much business as usual. With two people living here with immune deficiency issues, every day is a land mine. However, we choose to live life to the fullest and use what we consider healthy measures to lessen our chances of a virus causing our immune system to overreact. There will always be another virus, and we take that possibility seriously. We want our immune system in optimal health so that it reacts appropriately.

Some factors that may weaken our immune system include personal stress, pollution, compromised food, contaminated water, and hardened hearts. All of my last ten years of work on food-related topics have been an effort to, in some way, strengthen us all.  A couple of years ago, I wrote a column, “Balancing Chakras with Colorful Food Choices.” It’s on my website. Additionally, my health crisis has taught me skills that allow me to sense by looking at food or feeling its energy if it will hurt me. When you have a compromised immune system, that skill is mighty handy. This weekend I’m leading a conversation online about food choices strengthening our soul by sending us love messages, nudging us to make good choices. Our bodies are receptors of signals working to keep us healthy. We need to listen.

Some ways to support our immune system is to eat clean foods, especially foods with Vitamins A, D, and C. Assuming the thyroid is working correctly, Vitamin A will provide a shield for cell integrity. Vitamin C and D help our system not to overreact. I take additional supplements during times of stress and for regular maintenance. Of course, it’s more complicated biologically and other inputs can affect our ability to fight off disease. These are a few essential suggestions to make the best outcome.

We’re 100 percent sure we will one day die. Knowledge of this doesn’t mean we can’t endeavor to make our time here as healthy as possible.

Clean air. Clean water. Clean food. Clean heart.

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