To the Editor:

As a lifelong citizen of Livermore Falls and a former Selectman, I am writing in support of the New England Clean Energy Connect project that will bring 1200 MW of clean hydro power from Quebec onto the New England grid. I believe the economic benefit to our town will far outweigh any negative impacts.

For many decades, Livermore Falls has had a power station on Moose Hill and transmission lines running through our town. The way the NECEC project has been permitted by the MPUC, adding one more wire to the current structure certainly can’t make that big a difference, yet potentially could increase town tax revenue by $500,000. This will, in effect, provide the town with over one million dollars in revenue with no additional impact on local services. It seems like a win-win for Livermore Falls.

While there is promise for alternative energy delivery such as battery storage in our future, for now, the only way to get power – even renewable power-from where it is generated to where it is used, is through transmission lines. And the climate crisis grows more real every year. Why not add on to what is already here to reduce environmental impact, bring 1200 MW of clean energy onto the grid and increase revenue to local communities?

Ron Chadwick

Livermore Falls


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