To the Editor:

I am very pleased that Ken Morse is running to represent District 71 (Norway, Sweden, Waterford, West Paris). I have known Ken for nine years and I believe he will be a strong and constructive voice in Augusta for our district and for the State of Maine. I met Ken when I was hired in 2012 to be the director of Healthy Oxford Hills (HOH), the community organization that has been working to improve health and prevent chronic diseases like substance use dependence, obesity, and tobacco use in the Oxford Hills for almost thirty years. Ken lead HOH for eight years before leaving to focus more time on community food systems. Ken and I worked side by side for a month bringing me up to speed on the work and my new role. His were big shoes to fill.

Why does this history matter? We are in the beginnings of a public health emergency, the COVID19 pandemic. We need representatives in Augusta who understand and will act on the importance of public health and disease prevention efforts. Ken has a wealth of knowledge and the skills to build support for laws that will keep Maine healthy and strong into the future.

Community health includes economic health, and Ken owned and operated Grass Roots Graphics, a small business in the area. He understands the challenges of “Main Street” and has a lot of experience listening to and working with committed citizens from across the spectrum, from businesses to educators, farmers and health professionals, women and men who are working, raising families, and seeking to build better lives for themselves and their neighbors. Ken has devoted much of his life to bringing people together, leading conversations where everyone has their say, and listening carefully to all sides. He works to draw out the areas of common interest that can move an agenda forward, helping groups make good decisions.
This is the kind of person I want representing me in Augusta. I encourage you to check out Ken’s campaign website at and vote for Ken in the fall.

Jim Douglas

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