Thanks to the coronavirus, are you now playing the drums? Making plans to build a new deck? Learning geography Getting ready to tune your own piano, fight Krav Maga style or just fix that annoying clanking sound beneath your 1998 Ford Escort?

For years now, YouTube and a million other online services have featured professionals offering to share their knowledge about almost every subject — no, every subject — for free. But the virus has, for all the wrong reasons, given many of us the down-time to actually sit in front of a lesson and learn something new. People will soon be fixing their own furnaces, discovering new stars, getting their washing machines going again and then moving on to learn a new language — all by simply popping open their internet browsers.

With that kind of self-empowering mastery in mind, we’d like to know what you already taught yourself, or plan to teach yourself, through YouTube or any of the online instructional websites that are out there. Send your plans or brags to staff writer Mark LaFlamme at [email protected] or call 689-2876.

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