During a “normal” school day I walk a lot, helping friends along the way. Subbing in classrooms, collecting and teaching students in small math groups, and running the Washburn School Store which helps with fundraising and supporting the Code, our school’s behavior guidelines; respect, responsibility, persistence, and safety.

Angela Delorme is an Ed Tech 3 at Washburn School in Auburn.

While away from school I’ve been completing projects,studying educational information, zooming and emailingschool staff, filming Read Alouds and our School Store’smascot Leo for our Facebook page. My family and I arewatching the news and we love Netflix!

It’s hard to focus on what I should do versus what I’d really like to be doing at this time. Keeping personal care as the priority when I can’t seem to get over this feeling of loss. That’s what it feels like to not be able to see, talk to, check in with, learn, and laugh with our staff and students.

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