SALEM — School Administrative District 58 has announced guidelines for the third trimester while students learn remotely.

The information is included in a letter posted to the district’s website.

The letter notes, “When it comes to remote learning, all that we ask is that you do the best that you can.

“Please understand that it is our intent to make sure that students will be held harmless when it comes to grading and grade promotion because of this national pandemic, as long as a good-faith effort is given.

“We have a unique opportunity to help our children engage to develop the love of learning. We are excited to use this opportunity to focus on feedback and continual improvement as each child learns more about themselves.”

Goals and processes for grade levels include:


PreK-2 Guidelines

Teachers will use their professional judgment during this national health emergency, however, the general guidance is to be gentle, show grace, and reward effort/engagement.

Work will be provided for families. Two-way communication between the family and teacher are expected on a weekly basis (can be by phone, video-conference, Remind, DoJo, email).

Report cards will not be issued for Trimester 3.

Gaps in learning that may occur will be addressed when classroom learning resumes, with work to provide intervention and remediation where needed.

Grades 3-8


During the final trimester, an alternate reporting system will be used. Each PreK-8 school will develop a modified report card. It may include habits of work and narrative reporting for all content areas. Each student will have a status check on May 8, and a final narrative report at the end of the school year. As long as students are making a good faith effort to engage and complete assignments, the plan is to promote learners. Support will be provided when school resumes for academic gaps.

Remote Learning

● Two-way communication between the student and teacher is expected 2-3 times a week, (can be phone, video-conference, Remind, DoJo, email, submission of assignments).

● Expectations will be modified for students with limited internet access.

Grade 3-8 Remote Learning Common Practices

● Although deadlines are provided as part of the teacher pace for online learning, teachers will accept late work until June 5, 2020, due to the changing and challenging circumstances that families and students may face during this national health emergency.

● When planning, teachers will keep in mind that the amount of time students may require to complete assignments at home is likely much longer than what it would take with active supervision at school. Students should never be expected to spend more than 30 minutes each day on any single class, and teachers are encouraged to aim for around 15-30 minutes per day of focused attention. This may be reduced or amended based on circumstances.

● Ed Techs and other staff providing direct assistance will use professional judgment for the length of support sessions and focus on engagement over performance, making the experience for students as positive as possible.

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