Not so very long ago, I could buy five pieces of salt water taffy for a penny. Yesterday, I could only buy one piece of taffy for five cents. This illustration highlights the nature of inflation.

Inflation, in perspective, means that a dollar bill in your wallet is actually worth much less.

This fact is not lost by those keenly aware that happy idiots are everywhere, and are blissfully ignorant enough to give away their power to the power brokers. These power brokers realize that there is only so much water in the well and that is slowly and methodically being drained to the last drop.

Is it any wonder that America’s wealth is being sapped and shipped to more lucrative foreign shelters, apart from scrutiny? This is much like a scene from the movies showing rats fleeing a sinking ship.

It seems that overnight a dollar bill has turned into a thousand dollars, which has become a million, which in turn has become a billion, which in turn has become a trillion, which in turn has become a quadrillion.

Before we even saw it coming, that dollar in our wallet has been reduced in spending clout.

Is inflation real? Yes. When that simple wage we work so hard for becomes a burden too much to keep our heads above water.

Michael Boom, Lewiston

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