Dawna Daigle, recreation specialist, hands out a Grab ‘n Go Meal, along with a special Mother’s Day gift, on Friday.

AUBURN — The City of Auburn’s “Grab ‘N Go” meal program added a little surprise with Friday’s pick-up, just in time for Mother’s Day. Through the coordination of local community member Tizz Crowley, several volunteers stepped up to create Mother’s Day gifts to be passed out with the meal program.

Within two-and-a-half days, community volunteers put together 110 Mother’s Day gifts. Two Auburn artists, Carrie White, pottery, and Anita Poulin, painter/jewelry maker, were among those who donated items. Other community members included Garnette Hobbs, BettyAnn Sheats, Jane Costlow, Migdalia Mass, Mary Roussel, Anita Poulin, Ed and Sheila Desgrosseilliers, Amey Feeley, Liz Feeley and Alfreda Fournier.

“This was such a thoughtful idea and a super sweet touch to be able to add Mother’s Day gifts to the Grab ‘N Go meal pick-ups,” said Auburn Recreation Director Sabrina Best. “The meal program itself is a bit overwhelming, emotionally, so whenever we see such generous support from our community, whether it’s a food donation, monetary support, volunteers with delivery or touching gifts like this, it just adds to the incredible ‘neighbor helping neighbor’ movement here in Auburn and in surrounding communities.”

The “Grab ‘N Go” meal and grocery programs are organized to continue through the end of May, with the hope of continuing in some form throughout the summer. Those who need food or know of someone who does are asked to connect with the Auburn Recreation Department. For more information on how to support the “Grab ‘N Go,” email [email protected]

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