South Paris author and businesswoman Patricia (Pat) Probert Gott released her 21st book “Horses, Horses, Horses,” in April.

Patricia (Pat) Probert Gott of South Paris released her 21st book “Horses, Horses, Horses,” in April. Submitted photo

The author has been writing books for 15 years, calling upon her experience owning and riding horses as well as working as a horse wrangler in Cody, Wyoming. Many people enjoy riding horses, few understand them. Gott has ridden for 69 years and experienced both joy and understanding. She has owned a variety of 16 equines, from ponies to draft, from Quarter-horses and Morgans to Arabians, from the very young to the very old. She has trained a dozen more and ridden over a hundred that were not her own. Throughout the years of trail riding, she has undergone some memory-making adventures. Her book contains stories of her most memorable moments for horse lovers of all ages – particularly teens and adults.

The book may be purchased from Amazon, from the author at local craft fairs and book signing events, or from her website at


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