I was pleased to see the article in the Sun Journal Wednesday, April 29, regarding the current effort to reclassify portions of the the Androscoggin River from Class C to Class B.

While many individuals and organizations have been influential in the river’s cleanup, I would like to recognize John Nutting for his significant efforts in that area. In 1988, Nutting authored the Color-Odor-Foam Clean River Bill. In 1996, he authored the Dioxin Bill. Then, in 2006, he authored a bill to lower phosphorous discharge into the river.

With the return of the river’s viability, Leeds, Livermore and Turner have garnered both environmental and economic benefits. Property along the river became more desirable and development occurred on both sides of the river in these towns.

John Nutting deserves voters’ support in his run for the Leeds, South Livermore and Turner House District 75 seat.

Ann Edwards, Leeds

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