DEAR SUN SPOTS: Over the last two months we have kept Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary in Lewiston open as we saw early on that many community members, especially families, were taking advantage of the trails on our 450-acre property to get a chance to get outside while staying “safer at home.”

We do want to remind all who use our land that Thorncrag is private property. A primary mission is to protect wildlife, but we do welcome the public to use our property in a respectful manner.

I want to thank the many walkers who have respected the sanctuary and have followed the rules, including the new rule in regards to social distancing. Among our rules is the fact that dogs, with the exception of service dogs as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, are not allowed. Birds and other wildlife see dogs, even friendly ones as predators and can be very sensitive to their presence.

We have a list of what activities are allowed in the sanctuary on the kiosk as you start on the trails. If you do not see an activity listed that you are considering, it means that we do not allow it and ask that you respect Thorncrag as you would your neighbor’s private property.

It has been delightful to see so many mothers and fathers with their children using the sanctuary, much more than in the past, as a break from their daily routine. We have scavenger hunt handouts in the family activity box at the kiosk closest to the parking lot for families to enjoy.

For those who have expressed appreciation for the presence of the sanctuary and asked if they can help, we invite you to become a member of the Stanton Bird Club. For more information on membership please visit the Stanton Bird Club website at — Jen, Lewiston


ANSWER: Okay, readers, I am getting a few emails with concerns about people bringing dogs to Thorncrag. This is not allowed as Jen Maurer, president of the Stanton Bird Club, has stated. I’m going to be very clear: knock it off. There are plenty of other places to walk your dogs. Don’t make it so the public is no longer welcome at this beautiful sanctuary.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Last fall I had a gentleman who picked up some birch logs that I was giving away. He said he had a braided rug he would give me, but it was behind a boat in his garage. He said it would be available in the spring. I have misplaced his name and number. If he could give me a call at 241-7090 I’m still interested in the braided rug. — Julien, Auburn

ANSWER: I remember writing about this exchange. I hope the Sun Spots reader sees this and responds to you.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a question about metal roofing. Can I put the metal over the shingles, or do they have to be removed first?

Also, someone was asking about greeting cards a while back. I have cards and envelopes for them. — Bob, Norway

ANSWER: I spoke with a professional roofer and he highly recommends those old shingles be removed first.

And let us know how to get hold of you, Bob, in case someone does want those cards.

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