BUCKFIELD — Buckfield High School will hold its senior graduation ceremony this Saturday, in compliance with state-mandated social distancing protocols. The  ceremony will be held outside at the school on June 13 at 2 p.m.

The school will graduate 32 seniors: Deja Bennett, Bryce Beote, Molly Bourget, Saige Collette, Brandon Donahue, Jessica Doucette, Gabrielle Fontenot, Noah Forget, Tyler Gammon, Sadie Gilbert, Joshua Gonyea, Cheyanne Goroshin, Jacob Grover, Tucker Hackett, Kathryn Henderson, Anthony Jackson, Kaylee Langlois, Jesse McMillan, Karen McNeil, Stephen Nelson, Kristen Patenaude, Daniel Perry, Jeffrey Quick, Josephine Replogle, Hana Reyes, Isabella Rinck, Satapacha Tripp, Megan Turcotte, Victor Verrill, Chloe Warren, Maxwell White and Abigale Wood.

The top ten students in this year’s graduating class are pictured below:

1. Jessica Doucette – Jessica will attend Thomas College.


2. Josephine Replogle – Josephine will attend Judson University in Illinois.


3. Kathryn Henderson – Kathryn will attend the University of Maine Orono.



4. Megan Turcotte – Megan will attend the Maine College of Health Professionals.


5. Deja Bennett – Deja will attend Central Maine Community College.


6. Kristen Patenaude – Kristen is pursuing a career in acting.


7. Cheyenne Goroshin – Cheyanne will attend the College of the Atlantic.


8. Chloe Warren – Chloe will attend the University of Maine Farmington.


9. Karen McNeil – Karen will be attending the University of Maine Orono.


10. Molly Bourget – Molly will be attending the University of Maine Orono.

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