Both nationally and locally, should we not expect and demand our elected officials to be responsible to their oaths and to their constituencies, i.e., both of the smaller polling unit and of the larger governed unit?

As an elected representative, one should be free of loyalty to associates, affiliations, employers and higher elected officials. Particularly at the local level and, hopefully, we elect individuals who are free of influential pressure and ties and who are free and confident to exercise careful thought, full consideration and respectful expression.

Should we not expect and demand our elected officials to select and appoint individuals to committees and boards who will demonstrate good judgment and who will not be bound to loyalty and favoritism? Elected officials and higher governing officials should welcome discussion, debate and even challenge. A governing body of elected officials should be led by one who properly facilitates open dialogue and who properly conveys the governing body’s decisions and policies to management of the governed entity.

Robert Hayes, Auburn

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