Recently, while getting groceries at a local market, I noticed that most of the employees were either not wearing masks or were wearing them improperly (below their noses). Seeing that one of the checkout personnel was actually wearing hers correctly, I took that lane. Trying to find a diplomatic way to comment on the situation, I said “Thank you for wearing your mask properly. I know it’s a nuisance.”

By way of reply, I received an odd look along with the comment, “We’ll be able to stop all this when we get rid of ‘Dummy.’”

I decided to go for diplomacy. “Well, if you can keep a six-foot distance, I guess the mask is less important.”

Her rejoinder was magnificent: “They only want you to keep a six foot distance because they can’t track you by your cellphone if you’re closer than that.”

And that’s how I learned why Maine is considered a “battleground state” in the next election.

Gregory D’Augustine, Greene

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