Wilton ballot clerks, from left, Lyn Lewia, Carolyn Smith and Don Hamlin sit behind Plexiglas waiting to provide ballots to voters in Wilton on Tuesday, July 14. Andrea Swiedom/Franklin Journal

WILTON — Selectpersons Keith Swett and David Leavitt were reelected to three-year terms Tuesday, July 14.

Swett is chairman to the board; Leavitt is vice chairman.

Regional School Unit 9 Director Irving Faunce was also reelected for a three-year term. He was the only candidate.

Regarding the approved RSU 9 budget, Wilton voters passed the $38.2 million spending plan for K-12 education by a vote of 483-317, and the adult education budget of $465,972 by a tally of 501-381.   

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