Ron, a goat at Worth the Wait Farm in Denmark, was found mutilated Wednesday, weeks after his disappearance. Worth the Wait Farm photo

DENMARK — For two weeks, the owner of Worth the Wait farm lamented the disappearance of a goat named Ron and wondered what had happened to him. 

On Wednesday, the waiting was over. Ron suddenly appeared back at the farm, dead and mutilated, and now there are more questions than answers about the fate of the goat. 

The mystery began in early July when the affable Ron went missing, according to Worth the Wait owner Kerry Enos. At the time, it seemed like finding the goat alive was a possibility, although Enos was convinced the animal had been taken. 

So Enos, her friends and family went looking for the goat, calling his name and leaving food pans out to lure him back. They posted photos on the farm Facebook page and those photos were shared in huge numbers. 

The chances of finding Ron alive and well dimmed by the day.

“We just want to take a minute to thank all of you that shared the pictures and post of our Ron,” Enos wrote on the farm Facebook page July 11. “Ron is still missing, and we assume that we will never see him again.”


 That post alone was shared 75 times and dozens of people weighed in with comments, hopes and prayers. 

The search, and the ritual of checking in on Facebook, continued day after day. Everyone who was familiar with the farm — and many who were not — awaited news on the fate of the goat.

Then, on Wednesday, Enos announced a new development in a grim posting on Facebook. 

“Our Ron has been found,” she wrote. “The person, or people that took our Ron tortured him and he was found today deceased. To the person, or people who hurt him I hope that you get all that you deserve. 

“We are grateful to everyone that shared the post of our missing Ron and for your prayers for his return,” Enos continued. “We are heartbroken that someone in our community could do this to a beloved pet. He was a goat to you, but to us he was Ron. A big goof that would not hurt anyone/anything.” 

Strangely, it was reported that the deceased goat had been returned to the farm.


The reaction was massive. Hundreds of people weighed in with comments, expressing sympathy, rage and horror. 

“How can people do this to such a sweet, innocent animal?” wondered one woman. 

“I am so sorry that someone did this to a wonderful animal,” offered another. “This person must be found. Anyone that can torture and kill an animal can do the same to a person. Ron was a cherished pet, but let’s get this solved before it gets worse.” 

The post was shared 200 times. 

Early Thursday, Worth the Wait Farm took it a step further. With the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office already investigating, Enos put up a $500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the people who harmed her goat. The farm was also accepting donations to increase that reward. 

By the end of the day Thursday, the post detailing that information was shared nearly 300 times and with funds collected, the reward was up to $1,275. 

The search for whomever took Ron the goat was growing broad indeed. 

Worth the Wait Farm, home to a herd of Oberhasli dairy goats, is on Bushrow Road. The farm sells goat milk, soaps, lotions and other products. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office at (207) 743-9554. 

A goat named Ron at Worth the Wait Farm in Denmark. Worth the Wait Farm

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