Tom Hoy of Norway stands in the shadows of a giant Christmas decoration in his back yard. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

Snow is not a requirement for Tom Hoy to celebrate Christmas in July. Supplied photo

NORWAY — Tom Hoy decorates his Norway home for every holiday. Every single one. A few weeks ago as he began to take down his annual Independence Day displays, he decided it was time to shake up the tradition.

“I asked my wife,” Hoy said. “What do you say we decorate for Christmas in July and give a little celebration to bring up people’s spirits during this time?”

Hoy’s wife Tammy, who doesn’t typically take part in the work involved but nevertheless enjoys the decorations, told him to go for it.

And the work it takes to decorate on Hoy’s scale is remarkable. For Christmas alone, he has an inventory of more than 50 life-size (and larger than life) inflatable, stationary and lighted decorations.

There are about 30 currently on display at the Elm Street home and every two to three days since Jul. 4, he has been adding more. He will keep adding to it through the end of the month. The backyard can be seen from Radcliffe Street.

Tom Hoy wanted to add a little Christmas joy to tough times this summer. Nicole Carter / Advertiser Democrat

“My son looked at this and told me me they must be able to see my house from the International Space Station now,” Hoy laughed.

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