THUMBS UP to the businesses in Rangeley that are committed to help control the coronavirus spread in the Rangeley area- and beyond. Now we need the people of Rangeley and visitors to Rangeley to do four things: SHOP LOCAL- don’t drive to high risk area when you can get it easier right here in Rangeley- Wear masks when you go out in public- even walking on the streets. Practice social distancing- even with a mask- stay 6 feet away from others. Say a THANK YOU to the business employees who were hired to serve all of us when we go to stores/restaurants and other businesses in Rangeley- they were not hired to push mask wearing. Too many people argue with employees when the employees are trying to help all of us stay safe. Just as we do not have the “right” to go 80 mph in a 60 mph zone we do not have the right to spread the virus by not following the rules. I am a part time person who really appreciates what Rangeley businesses are doing for all of us.

THUMBS DOWN to town employees who did not wear protective masks at the local voting station on July 14th.


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