In working with Kristen Cloutier at our mutual workplace and as she represented my district on the Lewiston City Council, I observed her listening attentively, initiating thoughtful solutions to significant problems, and fairly advocating proposals to build a sustainable future for all community members.

As a Lewiston city councilor, Kristen supported numerous redevelopment projects with attention to education, public health, and job skill enrichment for businesses wishing to hire immigrant workers. Now, as a state legislator, Kristen connects smart analysis of evidence with respectful attention to constituent concerns.

In the COVID-19 crisis, she worked diligently to pass emergency legislation extending unemployed workers’ access to benefits, food for students and families, resources for health care, and remote access to municipal meetings.

Kristen demonstrates judicious leadership in pursuit of effective transportation and broadband infrastructure along with affordable housing.

Let’s re-elect Kristen Cloutier, an intelligent and committed leader, to the Maine House of Representatives.

Leslie Hill, Lewiston

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