To the Editor:

Susan Collins does answer to needs of Mainers.

In March of this year, when dentistry had been declared a non-essential service, I had the misfortune of chipping a front tooth. While this was on in any way an emergency, other than a slight hit on my vanity, I was happy when I could visit my dentist after the opening of dentistry on May 18, and get it addressed. The situation at the dentist office when I went was carefully structured and perfectly safe.

I happened to ask my dentist about the impact of the shutdown of dentistry in Maine. The dentist related trials with 90+ emergency calls that had to be delayed, cases throughout Maine which impacted patients with serious infections that were not addressed until they had gone beyond safety, and the hassle of being on the phone with Susan Collins and others to get dentistry opened up with proper safety practices.

I then asked if Susan Collins had been helpful in the quest to get the problem addressed. She answered that Senator Collins was the moving force in getting that solution to a major dilemma in motion and indicated that without the pressure applied from Susan Collins in Washington, it would not have happened.

In the words of Senator Collins to the Maine Dental Association, “Dentists tell me that cavities that could have been filled are now going to need root canals. Teeth that could have been treated with root canals are now going to require extractions. People with oral cancers cannot get the treatment, the cleanings, that they need before beginning their treatment.”

The Maine Dental Association wished to thank Senator Collins for her leadership and for focusing on the important issue of accessing timely and necessary oral healthcare for Mainers.

Through years of experience in watching Susan Collins deal with issues I dare say she gets it right most of the time and she does diligent work for ALL her constituents and for our precious environment.

Let’s hope Mainers send Susan Collins back to Washington.

Ruth Feeney
Bryant Pond

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