THUMBS DOWN to the heartless (expletive deleted) who did a hit and run on the Bemis Track killing my
friends beloved pet, a 170# Newfoundland. The “gentle giant” as he was
called, was wearing a bright orange vest and a highly lit collar. SHAME ON
YOU! I pray for Karma and hope you had a heft vehicle repair bill.

THUMBS UP to the Boarder Patrol and State Police who responded to the out cry of the
killing of the Newfoundland dog on the Bemis Track. I hope you catch the
(expletive deleted).

THUMBS UP for the Courtesy Boat Inspectors from Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust sitting at your public boat launches on weekends collecting possible invasive plants. They have collectively found 35 plants on boats this season.

THUMBS UP for the Invasive Plant Patrollers who are currently hard at work documenting our aquatic plants in the Rangeley Region. They are making sure no invaders are present.

THUMBS UP up to the loon counters this year who went out on July 18th to help count the population of Loons statewide hosted by Maine Audubon!

THUMBS UP to Jack Searles who helped clear our 25 plus downed trees in Rangeley Manor after the unexpected microburst. Jack worked tirelessly. His promptness, focus and skill had our place looking wonderful and safe after a 10 plus hour work day. We thank Jack for his fine work.

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