Coach: Larry Thornton (sixth year)
Class: D South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 10-5-1, lost in D South semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kylie Carrier (M), Kassandra Keough (D); Juniors — Ruby Cyr (G), Paige Fogg (M), Kayden Haylock (D), Olivia Buswell (M/D), Emily Carrasquillo (D), McKenna Ridlon (D), Sami Patenaude (M), Isabell Laughton (F); Sophomore — Madison Turcotte (F/M).
Key losses: Katy Henderson, Molly Bourget, Deja Bennett, Lynn Szabo, Kristen Patenaude, Chloe Warren, Karen McNeil, Saige Collette, Josephine Replogle, Sarah van Waden.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Lillian Sharples (M), Emily Tilton (M/D), Mya Austin (F), Molly McPeak (F/M).
What to expect: The Bucks feel fortunate to be playing this season and appreciate all that the school and administration have done to allow them to compete. This year’s team has to replace 10 departed seniors from last year’s squad, which means depth is down and playing time for younger and less experienced players will be up. The defense should lead the team, but also pitch in offensively to help out the young forwards.


Coach: Miles Bisher (third year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 2-9-3
Returning athletes: N/A
Key losses: Caroline Hammond (M), Chantel Ouellette (D).
Promising newcomers: N/A
What to expect: Bisher said if the past six months have taught the team anything, it’s to not take anything for granted. With no playoffs this season, the goal will be to improve every time the team is on the field and compete with a sense of urgency. The Red Eddies are excited to finally be playing real games.


Coaches: Marcy Francoeur (second year), assistant Mike Foley (seventh year), JV coach Stephanie Virgilio (second year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 7-8, lost in B South prelims.
Returning athletes: Liza Sturgis (M), West Duffy (M), Amber Fortin (D), Ivy Abrams (G).
Key losses: Samantha Fortin, Eliza Hotham, Jordan Grant, Madysen West.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen —Trinity Bean, Ellie Schlichting, Alexandra Portas.
What to expect: After not having a summer soccer season, the Patriots were ready to hit the ground running when preseason started. The players came prepared and ready to compete on the first day. Although the season may look different, Francoeur said the team is ready to begin playing competitively against the opposition.



Coach: Chris Cifelli (12th year overall, first back with program after a couple of years away)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 5-10, lost in B South prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Eme Bowie (M), Kayleigh Gilbert (D), Lotus Laverdiere (M), Leah Maheux (F), Alison Noniewicz (M); Juniors — Kaitlyn Bilodeau (F), Katie Blouin (F), Emma Chiasson (M), Riley Chiasson (M), Delaney Ennis (D), Carlie Leavitt (G), Sarah Perkins (M); Sophomores — Jalee Boucher (F), Ali Denning (M), Hannah Milliken (M).
Key losses: Chloe Bellegarde (D), Alex Hawksley (D), Kaitlyn Anair (M).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Rhiannon Arnold (G/D); Junior — Abby Bays (G/D); Sophomores — Alexia Chaloux (D), Abby Connelly (D), Ali Denning (M), Jillian Pellitier (D).
What to expect: Cifelli returns after two years away from the team, and he’ll be reunited with this year’s senior class, which he had when they were freshmen. The Hornets are eager to get playing. Cifelli said they’ve been working really well together in practice.


Coach: Jeff Akerley (second year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 4-9-3, lost in A North quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Gemma Landry (G), Madison Conley (D), Abigail Svor (M), Julia Svor (M), Brie Dube (M), Julia Paquette (M), Sydney Roy (D); Juniors — Paige Pomerleau (D), Lilly Gish (M), Narya Gagnon (F), Charlotte Cloutier (F), Leah Landry (M); Sophomores — Leah Dube (F), Bailee St. Hilaire (D).
Key losses: Maddie Foster (F), Camree St. Hilaire (M), Rachel Ouellette (D).
What to expect: The Blue Devils return a strong core of players, and Akerley thinks they are motivated to push the program to the next level. The skills have improved, to go along with the necessary hard work and leadership and maturity. Akerley said the group is coachable, stays positive and is willing to challenge themselves and each other.


Coach: RJ Card (first year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 7-8, lost in C South prelims
Returning athletes: Seniors — Destiny Deschaines (F), Riece St. Amant (D), Mackenna Poisson (M), Alexis Kaherl (D); Junior — Erica Hill (D); Sophomore — Cadence White (M).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Sarah Moore (G), Sophie Maloy (F), Stella Maean (F), Marina Davis (M).
What to expect: Card was hire late in the offseason, and therefore conditioning has only recently started for the Greyhounds. There are only 14 players on the roster, including seven freshmen, but there are five seniors to lean on for leadership. Card said he expects his team to be overlooked, but talent in the freshman class and the team overall should keep Lisbon competitive.



Coach: Gary Trafton (14th year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: Monmouth: 15-1, lost in C South semifinals; Winthrop 9-5-1, lost in C South prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alicen Burnham (F), Emma Johnson (G), Mya Sirois (F/M); Junior — Megan Ham (M); Sophomore — Kerstin Paradis (D).
Promising newcomers: Senior — Amaya Bauer (F/M); Juniors — Lydia Rice (D), Averie Silva (M); Sophomores — Mia Lucas (M), Evelyn Guimond (M), Elsa Goebel-Bain (D), Kamryn Dube (D).
What to expect: In the first season of a co-op between Monmouth and Winthrop, the Mustangs are learning how to play and work together as a team, and recognize individual styles and strengths. Trafton said the former rival players are already showing that. Without a summer soccer season, Trafton is still finding out where each piece fits. The Mustangs’ goal is to work together to be a highly competitive team.


Coaches: Jeff Pelletier (fourth year), assistant Peter Koch (10th year), assistant Kaitlyn Virgin (first year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 4-10
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alexis Therrien (M), Courtney Therrien (F), Gabbie Gallant (M), Meadow Wind (D), Sarah-Jane Koch (D), Sophie Ladd (F); Juniors — Alice LeDuc (F), Emily Richard (M), Mikayla Burse (D), Ryleigh Richard (F); Sophomores — Emma Clukey (M), Justice Gendron (G), Taylor McDonald (D).
Key losses: Saydie Garbarini (M), Ellie LeDuc (D), Kierstyn Lyons (M), Audra Bean (D).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Abby Peaslee (M), Annelise Witas (F), Ali Legere (M), Brooke Bennett (D), Brooke Chase (F/G), Carlee Burgess (D), Ciara Abbott (D), Emma Dupuis (D), Emma Koch (F/G), Jaden Boulanger (M), Jakirah Hershkowitz (D), Kara Jasud (D), Lanee Boucher (D), Lily Bedard (D).
What to expect: Pelletier says his team has a nice pairing of players that includes a large group of senior leaders and the largest freshman class the program has had in a long time. Summer participation was way up and the team is in great condition. Pelletier said no matter what the season ends up looking like, his team will be ready to compete.


Coaches: Andrew Delcourt (sixth year) and assistant John Chase (sixth year).
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 8-5-3, lost in C South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Madison Phelps (M), Cameron Wahl (M), Kaylee Knight (D), Alice McKay (M); Juniors — Cassandra Hobbs (D), Brynna Zelie (D), Emily Kidd (G), Haley Bate (G); Sophomores — Olivia Roderick (D), Julia Wells (D), Lily Day (M), Savannah Davis (M), Jaidyn Stewart (F), Emily Pilsbury (D), Michaela Morgan (D), Charlotte Mitchell (M).
Key losses: Bailey McLaughlin (D), River Horn (F).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Alyssa Snaidecki (D), Isabelle Danala (D), Izabella Dereszynski (D), Kalley Starbird (M), Karsyn Rolbiecki (M), Riley Monahan (M).
What to expect: The Roadrunners are thankful to be playing. Delcourt said the team is grateful to the school and local communities for supporting their return to play.



Coach: Fred Conlogue (11th year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 5-9
Senior athletes: Kiely Reynolds, Emma White.
Key losses: Lexi Mittelstadt, Lexy Lowe.
What to expect: The Cougars, who won’t be playing interscholastic games this season, were set to return 10 starters. Conlogue said the team wants to wish Reynolds and White the best, as they have been, “key, valuable members of our program.”


Coach: Jeremy Young (fifth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 11-4, lost in C South prelims.
Returning athletes: Kenzie Parker (D), Anna Beach (M), Peighton Theriault (D), Audrey Bauer (M), Audrey Dillman (D), Paige Gonya (K), Emily Dillman (M/F), Rachel Duguay (M), Madison Drew (M), Peyton Gonya (M), Amara Denis (M), Elise Worth (D), Lexie Finn (D), Gabby Chessie (F).
Key losses: Julia Noel (M), Josie Hackett (D), Macie Fletcher (F/M), Magdolyn Ryder (M).
Promising newcomers: Madison Cavanagh (D), Makayla Begin (M), Aubrey McElhaney (M/D).
What to expect: Young said he will have less depth than in past years due to graduation and the pandemic affecting the season. The Raiders should still be solid on defense, but will need to manufacture goal-scoring opportunities.


Coach: Lindsay Fox (second year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 10-5-1, lost in A North semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Cassidy Dumont D/M), Kaity Montelongo (D), Cassidy MacIsaac (D/G), Ella Kellogg (M/F), Elizabeth Johnson (M/F); Juniors — Emily Cummings (D), Trinity Bernard (D/M); Sophomores — Elizabeth Hallee (G), Alexandria Adams (D), Bella Devivo (F), Lucy Leonard (D), Katie Hallee (M), Celia Melanson (M).
Key losses: Cecelia Dieterich (M), Nadia Wielki (F/M).
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Brooklynn Merrill (F); Freshmen — Meredith Hawthorne (M/F), Madelaine Miller (M).
What to expect: Fox said he expects greatness from the Vikings. The core of the team has been playing together for a long time, and with a few newcomers to the squad, Fox is excited to see how it all comes together. “I am very lucky to get to coach this squad,” Fox said.



Coach: Katrina Seeley (second year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 1-13
Returning athletes: Emily Bellegarde (F), Madison Goss (F), Halie Vachon (F), Gabrielle Bolduc (G), Allison Ferland (D), Emma Gagne (M), Sayla Bergeron (M), Ragyn Harvey (D).
Key losses: Emma Mocciola (M), Amanda’lyn Gagne (D), Sophia Vallee (G), Ally Gagne (D), Kaira Thibault (D), Mady Miller (D).
Promising newcomers: Althea Thornton, Gretchyn Paradis, Alexis Antonelli.
What to expect:: With a mix of strong veterans returning and young talent joining the team, Seeley is looking for the Knights to continue to build on the foundation they laid last year.


Coach: Tyler Shennett (second year)
Class: C South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 5-11-1, lost in C South semifinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Giselle Ouellette (M), Luisa Geyer-Shaheen (M), Emily Wallingford (M); Juniors — Sydney Dick (F), Emma Roy (F), Jessie Zimmerman (F), Isabella Webster (D); Sophomores — Natalie Brocke (F), Chloe Whited (D), Alexandra Wallingford (D), Lily Beauchesne (D), Anna Seguin (M/G).
Key losses: Raegan Hachey (D), Rebecca Zimmerman (F/M).
Promising newcomers: Alyssa Hart (G), Anna Geyer-Shaheen (M), Avery Gravel (F).
What to expect: The Saints made noise in the playoffs last year after narrowly qualifying for the postseason. They are looking to improve on their style of play under Shennett and produce a winning season. Shennett said there are some strong leaders on this year’s team.


Coaches: Scott Wight (first year, with 30 seasons of experience) and assistant David Lynch.
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 3-9-3, lost in C South prelims.
Returning athletes: Katie Evans (M), Dillon Duclos (M), Aiyana Cartier (M), Liv Ducette (D), Molly Periera (D), Macie Howlett (F).
Key losses: Aneah Bartlett, Lucy Rothwell.
Promising newcomers: Nyla Scott, Makenzie Elliot.
What to expect: The Rebels are grateful just to have a season, so they are focusing on staying healthy and safe and playing hard.

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