Coach: Kyle Rines (eighth year)
Class: D South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 9-7, lost in D South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Rick Kraske (M), Caleb Hill (M), Keegan Jack (D), Kaleb Harvey (F), Jared Lucas (D); Juniors — Zach Shields (M), Hunter Driscoll (M); Sophomores — Trevin Albert (F), Gavin Charest (G), Jaiden Jack (M), Cole Brewster (D), Taz Keough (M).
Key losses: Victor Verrill (F), Max White (M), Tyler Gammon (G), Dan Perry (D), Brandon Donahue (G), Caleb Chabe (M), Elijah Chasse (M).
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Ayden Jefferson (M), Ty White (M), RJ Loring (D); Freshmen — Brayden Jack (D), Justin Lucas (F), Owen Lapointe (D), Trey Stevens (D), Nolan Keene (M), Nolan Breton (D), Terry Valles (F), Brady Trenoweth (M), Dylan Bickford (M).
What to expect: Rines said this year’s senior class has accomplished a lot in their four years, and he’s hoping they can feel fulfilled by what this “interesting season” brings. The group’s lasting impact, Rines said, will be felt on the underclassmen, who make up half the team.


Coach: Bob Karcher (fifth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 5-10, lost in C South prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Derek Ducharme (G), David Callender, Jacob Gallant; Juniors — Deryk Collins, Ethan Woods, Drew Collins, Loegan Hodgkins, Hunter Berry; Sophomores — Trenton Hutchinson, Giovanni Pitts, Mason Ducharme, Dylan Ellis.
Key losses: John Snowman, Mateo LaPointe, Damien Nadeau, Nolan Downs.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Colton Carlow; Freshmen — Daulton Hogkins, Adam Woods, Anthony Smith, Travis Wright, Lucas Van Tuinen, Bryan Beaucage.
What to expect: The Cougars are solid at most positions, including in goal with seasoned veteran Ducharme, who Karcher thinks should be one of the MVC’s best this year. Games may be close this season, but Karcher is expecting his group to work hard for 80 minutes each time out.


Coach: Tim Mains (fifth year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 5-9
Returning athletes: Seniors — Alex Avila (G), Noah Peck (D), Jacob Jackson (D), Caleb Strout (D), Chase Martin (M), Mohamed Dafe (M), Omar Jashaami (M), Aiden Morrison (F); Juniors — Will Sampson (D), Tyler Smith (D), Wesley Clements (M), Josh Lavigne (M); Sophomores — Tudum Monday (D), Campbell Cassidy (M), Caleb Albert (M).
Key losses: Jamaine Luizzo (D), Austin Brown (F), Jack Thompson (M), Mack Sampson (G), Kegan Rodrigue (D).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Jack Howaniec (M), Quincy Coachman (F); Junior — Simon Hall (M); Sophomore — Mohamed Adow (F); Freshman — Eli St. Laurent (G).
What to expect: Above all, Mains just wants to give his seniors a positive experience. Games and practices will hopefully be a couple hours a day to forget about everything else going on in the world. Having fun and playing competitively will hopefully send the seniors out the right way.



Coach: Mike Dehetre (first year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 8-6-2, lost in B South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kyle Martell (D), Keegan Brooks (D), Wyatt Kenney (M), Alec Brooks (D), Nate Paquette (D), James Terry (M); Juniors — Cam Roberg (F), Josh Michaud (F), Jay Hawkes (D), Eben Knedler (M); Sophomores — Max Kenney (M), Colby Dehetre (M), Aiden Loignon (F).
Key losses: Jake MacCallum, Austin LaLiberty, Nick Pelletier, Tristan Fogg, Logan True.
Promising newcomer: Freshman — Luka Rosolino (M).
What to expect: Dehetre, and assistant last year, takes over as interim coach in his second tenure leading the Patriots. He’s hoping his team can start and finish its eight-game schedule. The players have done their part, he said. Having 12 seniors has helped keep the team focused and on the same page.


Coach: Zac Conlogue (fifth year)
Class: B South; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 6-8-1, lost in B South prelims.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Ethan Weston (M), Ethan Gates (F), Kaleb Bell (M), Christian Keenan (D), Zack Morrison (D), Ryan Thibault (D), Daniel Cifelli (M), Tanner Sawyer (F), Eli Bell (M), Isaac Gladu (M), Blaine Clark (G), Reed Johansson (M); Juniors — Ian Redstone (M), Kaleb Berube (D), Kaden Trenoworth, Cooper McGray (F), Connor Grant (D), Myles Hanscom (D); Sophomores — Garrett Gaudin (F), Nate Clifford (M).
Key loss: Trevor Gaudin.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Robbie Gladu; Sophomore — Austin Gates; Freshman — Matt Webber.
What to expect: The Hornets look to keep building on the success they’ve had under Conlogue, making the playoffs in each of his four seasons at the helm. There won’t be a typical postseason this year, but the Hornets are primed for whatever success looks like, with only one graduated player and a plethora of seniors this season.


Coach: Dan Gish (first year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 15-2-1, lost in Class A state championship.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Mohamed Abdikadir, Mouhtaram Abdourahman, Leandro Auger, Saleh Ibrahim, Yahya Heri, Braeden Lynch, Mohamedamin Nur, Mohamud Hassan; Juniors — Romano Bassa, Efraim Kindu, Levy-prinevy-prince Likibi, AlemSagad Vassell; Sophomore — Khalid Hersi.
Key losses: Bilal Hersi (F/M), Suab Nur (M/F), Abdirahman Daud (M), Moubarek Abdourahman (M/D), Ayub Hassan (D), Abdilahi Abdi (M/D).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Ivanilson Domingues, Raimundo Lubota; Juniors — Igor Domingues, Moses Lumu; Sophomores — David Abdi, Shafi Ibrahim.
What to expect: The Blue Devils graduated some key players, but Gish, a longtime assistant who takes over for Mike McGraw, stills sees returning and incoming talent on this team. They put a lot of hours of training in over the summer, and Gish said the players know they will have to earn everything, and that it’s a new year and they are hungry.



Coach: Shawn Rhoda (second year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 10-6, lost in C South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Elijah Fullerton, Hunter Brissette, Ethan Brown, Sean Moore, Danny Levesque.
Promising newcomers: Nick Perkins, Owen Booker, Caden Boone.
What to expect: The Greyhounds look to build on the success they had in Rhoda’s first season in 2019. There are no seniors on this year’s team, but Rhoda said it looks to make some noise in the conference this season and in the future.


Coach: Joe Fletcher (11 year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 13-1-1, lost in C South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Cameron Armstrong (M), Cody Michaud (M), T.J. Lewis (D), Mike Dolan (D); Juniors — Hayden Fletcher (F), Ben Hamman (F), Jake Godbout (D), Blaine Paradis (D), Travis Jamison (M); Sophomores — Ryan Michaud (M), Hunter Frost (G).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Dalton Comeau, Luke Harmon, Kyle Palleschi, Brandon Smith.
What to expect: Expectations are very high once again, according to coach Joe Fletcher, with a solid core returning from last year’s team that went undefeated in the regular season. A promising freshmen class should help continue a tradition of solid play.


Coach: JT Taylor (seventh year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 3-10-1
Returning athletes: Juniors — Jayshaun Wright (D), Riley Bedard (M), Caleb Frisbie (G); Sophomores — Peter McNally (M), Tyler Skillings (F).
Key losses: Kaleb Noyes, Dalton Noyes, Trevor Gallant, Chance Vacchiano, Henry Koh, Guido Munoz, Evrit Roy, Aaron LaBrash.
Promising newcomers: Zach New, Maing Tang, Owen Sevigny, Colby Frisbie, Jake New, Nate Gallant, Brody Jamison, Joel Tardiff, Matt McWilliams, Aiden Granados, Anthony Mazza, Garrett Blodgett, Robert Leveillee.
What to expect: Only four starters return from last year’s team, but the roster is replenished with plenty of freshmen, which Taylor said will make up a strong nucleus. Those young players will be thrust into the lineup immediately, whenever the Falcons’ season can get started. The team also welcomes three athletes from the football team who want to give soccer a try.



Coach: Darren Allen (fifth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 11-4, lost in C South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Kenyon Pillsbury (F), Hunter Warren (M), Trent Reed (D), Troy Hupper (F), Ben Starbird (D); Juniors — Cam Walters (M), Caleb Thibodeau (D), Trevor Phelps (D/M), Wyatt Seiminski (D), Ian Allen (G), Hunter Durland (M); Sophomore — Kaden Pillsbury.
Key losses: JB Jordan (M), Jed Zelie (F), Denny Marble (D), Tyson Hill (F), Evan Allen (M).
Promising newcomers: Junior — Kyle Presby (M); Sophomore — Tucker Plouffe (M); Freshman — Morgan Thibodeau (F).
What to expect: The Roadrunners are looking to come together and play as a cohesive unit this year. After graduating some key players, Allen said leadership will be the most important aspect of this year’s team.


Coach: Joel Smith (20th year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 4-8-3, lost in A North quarterfinals.
Returning seniors: Aidan Decarolis, Jackson Joyce, Adam Loewen, Xander Gurney, Trinity Titus.
Key losses: Finn Towle (M), Jack Murray (M), Eli Yeaton (D).
What to expect: The Cougars won’t play against other teams this year, and instead will take part in activities that Mt. Blue is setting up for all fall athletes, as well as regular soccer practices, which Smith is trying to keep as fun and engaging as possible. The Cougars are trying to stay positive and keep improving as individuals and a team.


Coach: Bill Worth (fourth year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 10-6, lost in C South quarterfinals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Caleb Filion (G), Riley Worth (F); Juniors — Koby Lafata (M), Silas Dumont (D); Sophomores — Cole Saucier (M), Ethan Vattaso (M), Grayson Letourneau (D), Adam Greenwood (D).
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Cooper Spencer (M), Landen Denis (F), Lucas Bergeron (M), Patrick Strout (F), Noah Laframboise (D), Cade Fessenden (F), Eli Gosselin (F), Landon Bangs (M).
What to expect: This might end up being a rebuilding year for the Raiders after graduating so many seniors. The current seniors will be looked upon for leadership, and the juniors and sophomores will be called upon to carry the balance. The Raiders will continue to focus on strategy, possession and smart play. The players are grateful for the chance to compete, and Worth expects to meet each game with the best team they can put forward.



Coach: Matt Dieterich (fifth year)
Class: A North; Conference: KVAC
Last year’s results: 3-9-2
Returning athletes: Seniors — Dean Sinkler (D), Justice Dailey (M), Bram Dustin (D), Aaron Card (F), Cam Stetson (D), Keegan Watson (M), Daniel Paine (M), Mario DeVivo (D), Jacob Mondor (M), Raine McGinnis (M); Juniors — Andrew Merrill (F), Tristen White (D), Nick Bancroft (D); Sophomores — Cole Pulkkinen (M), Emmett Hand (G).
Key losses: Sam Morton (G), Tommy Bancroft (D).
Promising newcomers: Not many newcomers due to the large senior class, according to Dieterich.
What to expect: With a large, talented senior class, highlighted by the central midfielders, the Vikings were looking to finish well above .500 and hopefully host a playoff game, had this been a normal year. This season, they are looking to assert themselves as a program that provides competitive games within its regional pod.


Coach: David Coyne (sixth year)
Class: B South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 3-11
Returning athletes: Seniors — Keenan St. Pierre, Robert Hans Oehme, Benjamin Lasselle, Brayden Gurney, Austin Griffey, Colby Adams; Juniors — James Worden, Trevor Robbins, Lucas Kelly, Joseph Hudson, Bradley Gwarjanski, Mitchell Bean; Sophomores — Brady Martin, Aiden MacFawn, Timothy Gray, Nolan Garey, Tyler Bessette.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Brycin Vachon, Aden Swett, Samuel Paladino, Andrew Nadeau, Talen Langevin, Adam Gwarjanski.
What to expect: The Knights are looking to have an extremely good season thanks to some strong incoming players and a large group of returning players that showed progress in the offseason. All of that has Coyne hopeful for the season.


Coach: Rowenna Hathaway (assistant last year)
Class: D South; Conference: EWC
Last year’s results: 7-6, lost in D South quarterfinals.
Would-be returning athletes: Seniors — Kenny Thompson (F), Garrett Burgess (G), Mathieu Lessard (D), Connor Hall (D), Connor Irvine; Junior — Chase Carmichael; Sophomores — Jimmy Hathaway, Austin Hathaway, Charlie Pye, Daxxtyn Williams, Logan Belt.
What to expect: The Lakers won’t be playing against other teams this year, and are hoping to at least have an intramural season. Some of the athletes who were planning on playing soccer this year are trying golf instead. “We are hoping the kids will be able to at least do some conditioning and outdoor work together before the snow flies,” Hathaway said.



Coach: Brady Whetzel (first year)
Class: C South; Conference: WMC
Last year’s results: 4-8-3, lost in C South prelims.
Returning athletes: Leandro Naous (M), Dom Cyr (F), Matthew Gosselin (G).
Key losses: Jack Ouellette (M).
Promising newcomers: Garrett Kendall (M), Timmy Ouellette (F), Ashton Hammond (F).
What to expect: Whetzel was elevated from assistant to head coach this year. He said the players will be under a lot of pressure to perform at the highest level while adhering to all the guidelines and safety measure put into place. The Saints will look to stay competitive with the other schools in their conference.


Coach: John Baehr (third year)
Class: C South; Conference: MVC
Last year’s results: 6-8
Returning athletes: Seniors — Jake Smith (G), Sam Fuller (G), Colby Emery (M), Rowan Goebel-Bain (F), Owen Foster (F), Jayden Grodin-Stevens (D), Noah Grube (M), Joshua Deanda-Whaley (D), Adam Hardy (D); Sophomores — Tyler Shumway (D), Camden Lesko (M), Hayden Rivers (D/M), Jakob Barrows (M), Matt Beck (M), Iker Penniman (F).
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Gavin Perkins (M), Garrison Melendy (M); Freshmen — Quinn Tysinger (F), Teddy Wagner (F), Zack Chapman (M/D), Max Cheng (D).
What to expect: With a senior-heavy roster, Baehr thinks this is one of the stronger teams the Ramblers have had in a long time. He’s hoping the seniors can enjoy their final high school soccer season.

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