The banner attached to the grange building in Woodstock lists some potential uses for it in the future, including town events, clubs/service organizations, private functions, concerts/meetings/dances or for a commercial venture. Bethel Citizen photo by Samuel Wheeler

WOODSTOCK — A referendum on enacting a moratorium on medical marijuana caregiver storefronts will be held on Tuesday Nov. 3, coinciding with the general election.

The referendum will give the town additional time to draft a marijuana ordinance, which would then be voted on at its annual town meeting in March 2021.

On Tuesday, October 20, a public hearing will be held at 6 p.m. at the town office.

In other news, town officials plan to meet with a landowner regarding a section of land he owns near Shagg Pond and the entrance to Little Concord Park. The town is looking to increase the size of the parking space. The park has experienced a spike in visitors this season. At a previous meeting, Selectman Shawn Coffin said he saw between 60-70 cars there at one time.

Multiple residents have asked if the fire department could fill wells due to the lack of precipitation. Fire Chief Kyle Hobbs advised against filling wells, citing liability concerns. Selectmen voted unanimously not to have the department fill any wells.

Town Manager Vern Maxfield said he and Greenwood Town Manager Kim Sparks talked with representatives from Casella Waste Systems to discuss the two towns upcoming contract renewal. Maxfield said the cost is “considerably” higher than last year, but did not specify on the exact increase.

A banner has been placed on the side of the grange building asking people to submit ideas on how it could be used moving forward, according to the minutes.

Resident Deb Hayes donated an Eagle Wrought Iron Sculpture to the town fire department. The sculpture was made by local artist Gil Whitman.


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