Al Paradis got someone else’s ballot Tuesday morning in Wilton. Submitted photo

WILTON — The Maine Secretary of State’s office and the Attorney General’s Office are looking into a report of a filled out ballot being given to a voter at the polls Tuesday.

Al Paradis got someone else’s ballot Tuesday morning in Wilton. Submitted photo

Resident Al Paradis said he went to the polls at the Town Office on Tuesday with his 9-year-old daughter to teach her about the election process and voting. He said he registered to vote and went to the spot where ballots were being handed out. When he went into the booth to vote, he saw that the ballot had already been filled out. He told Town Clerk Diane Dunham about the ballot and asked her for an explanation on how this happened, he said.

“I didn’t think it was right,” he said, given the circumstances he observed.

A letter apparently from Dunham was given to Paradis. She apologized for the error and took personal responsibility for it.

Paradis posted the letter on his Facebook page along with a copy of the filled out ballot Tuesday. It had the oval next to presidential candidate Joseph Biden filled in as first choice and the oval next to President Donald Trump filled in as the voter’s last choice, he said.

Dunham is referring all questions to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Paradis said he contacted that office Tuesday to report voter fraud. He also contacted the FBI to report what he alleges is voter fraud.

“Our elections staff is aware of this complaint, although we have not heard directly from the voter,” Kristen Muszynski, spokeswoman for the Secretary of State Office, wrote in an email. “We work closely with the Attorney General’s Office to review all allegations of illegal election activity. The AG’s office reviews the information and follows up to investigate as appropriate. We cannot comment further at this time.”

“It is our sincerest desire to make certain this election is held to the highest standards of professionalism,” the apparent letter from Dunham said. “This has been reconciled. I will be more alert to the activity in the room.”

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