There has been a “great darkness” released upon the world – COVID-19.

Many people are aiding in its spread by not observing CDC guidelines. They couldn’t care less about the people moving about in the world around them. In a sense I consider those people who fail or ignore wearing face masks and practice social distancing to be no better than assassins. Is that what they truly want to be known as?

They cry “violation of their rights.” I see them violating the rights of others when they say that and do what they do.

With freedom comes great responsibility. Rights are given for the “common good.” When people fail to keep others safe there is no common good, and they fail as citizens and as compassionate people. They need to think about that.

COVID-19 is no joke. The flu is no joke. Childhood diseases are no joke. People have the power to reduce, if not eliminate, them all. Don’t they understand that they are responsible for what happens in our community? It’s not really the government. It’s them. It’s them.

Carlton Rollins, New Sharon

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