Avery’s letter to Santa. Submitted photos

Dear Santa,

Do you want reindeer?

I would like a nerf gun. I hope I get ammo too.

Thank you,



Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I do not care what you give me. You can give me pjamas or

socks but not a bar of soap you can give me markers or crayons. Whatever you want. Except a

bar or soap.



Dear Santa,

How old are you? Can I please please have a crossbow please. How old is Mrs. Claws?



Dear Santa,

Do you want a christmas?

I would like a hatchable toy and unspeakable merchandise.




Dear St. Nick,

How old are you? How do you make toys? Do you make books? Do you make trains?



Dear Santa,

Do you want a Christmas tree?

I would like an Iron Man suit for christmas.

I hope you are feeling well.



Dear Santa,

I want a real phone for Christmas so I can talk to my mom. I will take anything that I get. Santa,

what’s your number man?



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