Two articles in Dec. 30’s Sun Journal prompted me to write about them.

Sen. Ned Claxton has introduced a bill to raise the Androscoggin River from class C to class B. I hope it qualifies; behind my house it does. This is much nicer than it was as an open sewer. For those who enjoy all the opportunities it provides, I hope they thank the liberals who led the fight passing laws to make this possible. To me it proves that liberals are not bad, but desirable.

Progressives are trying to launch a new political party. One of its main objectives is to establish a national health care system. This is another area where those who stand to lose have bashed it and given it a bad name.

The objective truth is that national health care systems work for the majority of a country’s citizens. The losers are the ultra rich, insurance companies, and the politicians – Sen. Mitch McConnell, for example – who use their lavish donations to gain and maintain power.

Timothy Carter, Bethel

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