Given that this president has been afforded untethered silence regarding his activities and transgressions over the last four years, I am not surprised that the lack of backbone from our representatives is so rampant.

There has been a mention of not enough time to impeach him. Really? To me this is a no brainer. There is no argument about what he did, from start to finish, with inciting the recent insurrection on our house of government. It is all in front of us, recorded and taped. There’s no need to take any time other than to convene both houses and vote him out, period. The evidence is clear.

Given this man’s ill demeanor and his talking about running again in 2024, I would expect that impeaching him now would add to preventing him from even trying that in ’24.

The representatives who were supporting him, to the point of objecting to the results of the election, should also be shown the door and ousted as well. It is clear to me that, like him, they failed their oath, and don’t honor the Constitution.

For us to move on we need to take care of what is wrong, by acknowledging it and acting to make those responsible own up to their seditious actions.

Marc Jalbert, Lewiston

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