The terrorist invasion of our Capitol on Jan. 6 is the predictable outcome of this president’s treacherous and unstable behavior throughout his presidency. I support any legal means by which he and his collaborators can be removed before he does further damage.

That he has not been removed already astounds me. He has been consistently unpredictable and dangerous, culminating in last week’s events. If there are no consequences, we set a precedent for future leaders to do as they will.

Congress must mount a swift and in-depth investigation into the suspicious and feeble law enforcement preparations and response to these armed and intentionally dangerous groups of white supremacists, whose plans have long been — and still are — public, advertised and clear. The obvious racism is atrocious, as is the tragic loss of five lives.

The lack of coordinated national security is stunning, questionable, and frightening. We should be grateful that other terrorist organizations did not take advantage of this assault. We cannot be sure of that in the future.

Dorothy Raymond, Norway

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