What am I so angry about? Some friends of mine actually asked me that question.

With all the crap given to anyone in line with President Trump ? They wonder why I am so angry. They impeach my president twice because of pure hate. They call us Nazis, white supremacists, bigots and racists, and wonder why I am so angry?

Sending 25,000 troops and locking down our nation’s Capitol: that is really uniting our country?

They are also shutting down any opposing view — is this a formally free society? I am sorry, but when even one’s own family members spew this hate, then it starts to get me angry.

I am tired of just sitting by and taking it. So from now on they will start getting back everything that they give.

If people want to keep splitting this country apart, bankrupting our kids and grandkids, look out. Providing $4 trillion in stimulus funds — between Congress and incoming President Biden — in six months without blinking an eye? China must be so happy right about now. All of us have to know, all China has to do is snap its fingers like in the movies.

This country is done, the dollar is done. So people can enjoy all the spending of money we don’t even have. To my grandkids, I am so sorry for everything.

Love, an angry grandpa.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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