Far from being the enemy of the people, the news media is a prime pillar of freedom and democracy.

When the Sun Journal reports facts, it intends to present accurate information and generally succeeds. Likewise the information arms of the Washington Post, New York Times, Portland Press Herald, the Globe, the AP, the BBC, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN.

Our traditional media outlets can be relied on to attempt with significant success to present accurate information. Efforts to discount truthful information as “fake news” have incorrectly and sadly sewn doubt and division.

For example, ABC/NBC/CBS news, bitter competitors, still report similar data rather than competing “facts.” These parallel strands of similar information from traditional opponents reflect a consensus due to objective underlying facts.

Accurate information helps us make good decisions, and when sources such as the examples above — and so many others — agree, much of that information is likely accurate, and worthy of serious consideration. Such information should not automatically be rejected from earnest consideration, nor immediately characterized as “fake news.”

Facts are facts.

Accurate information enables us to have meaningful discussions.

James Cogan, Lewiston

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