100 Years Ago: 1921

A pasteurizer and separator have been installed at the Turner Center Creamery plant here which Is the original home of that big industry. Manager E.L. Haskell who has been in charge for the past 26 years has just completed the work and in the future a pasteurized product will be sent to the central plant at Auburn, ready for the market. Other improvements at the factory include a new boiler.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Gerard Lajoie, Assistant Postmaster at the Lewiston Post Office, will address the Sacred Heart League of Holy Cross Church Sunday evening. This will be held in the parish hall at seven o’clock and Lajoie will discuss new regulations on the mailing of pornographic materials which went into effect this month. The regulations make it responsible for any person to place his name on a list which laws require publishers and distributors of such a mailing to check before mailing, thus protecting the many who frequently find themselves receiving unwelcomed material.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Pamela J. Whittier performed before an audience of 1,000 teens at a Youth Evangelism Conference in Andover, Mass., recently. She represented youth from Thomas Memorial Baptist Church in Lewiston and sang “The Great
Divide.” Whittier attends Auburn Middle School, iis a DARE program Participant and is a participant in the international True Love Waits campaign initiated by the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, which promotes sexual abstinence until marriage. Whittier is the daughter of Raymond E. Whittier Jr. of Lewiston and Lillian Arnold of Auburn.

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