Oh, the high drama that came from the prosecution in the Trump impeachment hearings. The case is over, but the hypocrisy will last forever.

The prosecutors maintained that our democracy was at risk unless Trump was impeached. I sooner fear the billionaire backers of the mainstream news rather than another Trump. Huge lawsuits filed against Newsmax, Fox News and others hope to silence any kind of alternate news source, so that we will have just one source of what passes as the truth.

Think back to the former Soviet regime and the state news source known as Pravda, which means “truth.” They also had a one-party system, just as we will soon have if the current administration gets its way.

This whole impeachment farce was nothing but vengeance and a final dig from the party and media that hounded Trump from day one. This treatment brought smiles from many out there and still does, but hopefully there are enough moderates left in this country from all parties to realize what really happened in 2016. Trump was a final, desperate, knee jerk effort to stop a runaway train which is hell-bent for destruction.

The real shame is that Trump needed to be elected in the first place, and that we then had to choose between him and the other candidate last November. And pity for the voters who think that we have averted the train wreck.

Jerry Hume, Turner

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