Edward Little’s Emma Hefty won the 200-yard freestyle and 500 freestyle races in a virtual meet against Lewiston on Friday. Mitch Morrison photo

LEWISTON — Edward Little’s boys and girls teams defeated Lewiston in virtual swim meets Friday.

The Edward Little boys defeated Lewiston 52-51.

Jack Hart had a win in the 50-yard freestyle for the Red Eddies, while Konnor Simpson won the 100-yard freestyle.

Caleb Suli won the 200-yard freestyle and the 100-yard backstroke and helped Lewiston to wins in the 200-yard medley relay and the 200-yard freestyle relay.

In the girls meet, the Red Eddies squeaked out a 75-71 win.

Emma Hefty of Edward Little had wins in the 200-yard freestyle and 500-freestyle and also helped the Red Eddies win the 200-yard medley relay and 400-yard freestyle relay. Izzy Bellefleur won the 100-yard backstroke and 200-yard IM for the Red Eddies.


Kate Bilodeau of Lewiston won the 100-yard freestyle race.

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LISBON 74, ST. DOMINIC 41: Owen Fish and Owen Smith each scored 13 points has the Greyhounds handled the Saints in Lisbon.

Thirteen players scored for Lisbon.

Alex Willings hit three 3-pointes and finished with a team-high 11 points for St. Dom’s.

DIRIGO 44, BUCKFIELD 20: Page Lueders scored 12 points and Grace Robbins added nine in the Cougars victory over the Bucks.


Dirigo held Buckfield to single-digit scoring in each quarter.

Alyssa Litchfield led the Bucks with nine points.

LEWISTON 45, BRUNSWICK 38: Emily Stracher scored 22 points to pace the Blue Devils to a victory over the Dragons in Brunswick.

Natalie Beaudoin added eight points and Jamyah Nicolas had seven for Lewiston.

Layne Brewer and Logan Brown each scored nine for Brunswick.

ST. DOMINIC 57, LISBON 27: Jessica Zimmerman poured in 30 points to pace the Saints past the Greyhounds in Auburn.


Ava Apodaca added 14 points for St. Dom’s.

Emily Libby scored 18 points for Lisbon.

LINCOLN 55, BOOTHBAY 48: The Eagles rallied to victory by outscoring the Seahawks by 13 points in the fourth quarter in Newcastle.

Lincoln entered the final period facing a 40-34 deficit, but outscored Boothbay 21-8 over the final eight minutes of the game.

Maddy York paced the Eagles’ offense with 18 points, including a pair of 3-pointers. Grace Houghton aided the winning cause with 13 points and Paige Lafferayne contributed nine.

Boothbay’s Glory Blethen nailed six 3-pointers and topped all scorers with 25 points. Margret Sledge added 12 points and Jaelyn Crocker had six.





Edward Little 52, Lewiston 51

Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
1, Lewiston ‘A’ (Gavin Bavis FR, Alex Akers SO, Caleb Suli SR, Brandon Lynch JR), 2:02.04. 2, Edward Little ‘A’ (Jack Hart SR, Andrew Casares SO, Konnor Simpson SR, Isaac Raymond FR), 2:03.21.
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle
1, Caleb Suli, Lew, 2:00.44. 2, Isaac Raymond, EL, 2:07.95. –, Nicholas Tirell, Leavitt, X2:07.51.
Boys 200 Yard IM
1, Alex Akers, Lew, 2:16.12. –, Andrew Casares, EL, DQ.
Boys 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Jack Hart, EL, 25.98. 2, Gavin Bavis, Lew, 28.12. 3, Paul Dimitri, EL, 29.53. 4, Brandon Lynch, Lew, 29.90. –, Gavin Holbrook, Leavitt, X26.02. –, Patrick Manson, STDOM, X29.87.
Boys 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Andrew Casares, EL, 5:13.54. 2, Isaac Raymond, EL, 5:50.65. 3, Gavin Bavis, Lew, 6:22.57. 4, Brandon Lynch, Lew, 7:19.31.
Boys 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Lewiston ‘A’ (Caleb Suli SR, Alex Akers SO, Gavin Bavis FR, Brandon Lynch JR), 2:27.51.
Boys 100 Yard Backstroke
1, Caleb Suli, Lew, 1:03.73. 2, Konnor Simpson, EL, 1:13.09. –, Patrick Manson, STDOM, X1:20.41.
Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke
1, Alex Akers, Lew, 1:09.52.
Boys 100 Yard Butterfly
–, Nicholas Tirell, Leavitt, X59.53.
Boys 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Konnor Simpson, EL, 58.99. 2, Jack Hart, EL, 1:02.73. 3, Paul Dimitri, EL, 1:12.81. –, Gavin Holbrook, Leavitt, X58.46.
Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Edward Little ‘A’ (Andrew Casares SO, Jack Hart SR, Isaac Raymond FR, Konnor Simpson SR), 3:59.71.


Edward Little 75, Lewiston 71

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay
1, Edward Little ‘B’ (Mya Vincent SO, Izzy Bellefleur SR, Samantha Poirier SR, Emma Hefty SR), 2:08.11. 2, Lewiston ‘A’ (Kate Bilodeau SR, Chloe Bilodeau SR, Madeline Cote FR, Fiona Landry FR), 2:30.03. 3, Lewiston ‘B’ (Brianna Letourneau SO, Julia Perkins SO, Libby Forgues JR, Gabby Gladu SO), 2:40.08. –, Lewiston ‘C’ (Madison Freeman FR, Olivia Crowley FR, Teliah Viscone JR, Sydney Bledsoe SO), DQ.
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle
1, Emma Hefty, EL, 2:11.06. 2, Madeline Cote, Lew, 2:37.00. 3, Emily Bilodeau, Lew, 2:39.59. 4, Fiona Landry, Lew, 2:41.06. –, Emily Fournier, Lew, X3:06.48.
Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Mya Vincent, EL, 28.54. 2, Kate Bilodeau, Lew, 28.80. 3, Fiona Landry, Lew, 31.88. 4, Elizabeth Knowlton, Lew, 32.24. 5, Maddi DuBois, EL, 34.40. 6, Lydia Landry, EL, 38.02. 7, Katy Kimble, EL, x40.71. –, Samantha Deblois, Leavitt, X29.49. –, Jalee Boucher, Leavitt, X30.51. –, Natalia Russell, STDOM, X30.76. –, Ellie Russell, STDOM, X30.87. –, Julia Perkins, Lew, X33.09. –, Emily Cummings, OXF, X33.65. –, Gabby Gladu, Lew, X33.74. –, Chloe Bilodeau, Lew, X34.12. –, Olivia Crowley, Lew, X34.13. –, Brianna Letourneau, Lew, X34.22. –, Libby Forgues, Lew, X34.30. –, Zaria Milashouskas, Lew, X34.32. –, Loressa Potvin, LISB, X34.73. –, Emily Fournier, Lew, X35.45. –, Sydney Bledsoe, Lew, X36.55. –, Aber Landry, Lew, X36.87. –, Haley Cote, Leavitt, X38.55. –, Kenzie Garcia, Lew, X39.93. –, Madison Freeman, Lew-ME, X43.45. –, Elizabeth Bean, Leavitt, X46.49. –, Teliah Viscone, Lew, X49.00.
Girls 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Kate Bilodeau, Lew, 1:04.90. 2, Mya Vincent, EL, 1:05.09. 3, Madeline Cote, Lew, 1:10.41. 4, Maddi DuBois, EL, 1:14.46. 5, Elizabeth Knowlton, Lew, 1:15.20. 6, Katy Kimble, EL, 1:32.90. 7, Lydia Landry, EL, x1:38.43. –, Jalee Boucher, Leavitt, X1:07.29. –, Natalia Russell, STDOM, X1:08.62. –, Chloe Bilodeau, Lew, X1:18.07. –, Lilah Bright, LISB, X1:23.99. –, Teliah Viscone, Lew, X1:25.83. –, Sydney Bledsoe, Lew, X1:54.52.
Girls 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Emma Hefty, EL, 5:47.00. 2, Emily Bilodeau, Lew, 7:19.19. 3, Libby Forgues, Lew, 7:40.93. 4, Zaria Milashouskas, Lew, 8:25.92.
Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Lewiston ‘B’ (Chloe Bilodeau SR, Gabby Gladu SO, Zaria Milashouskas SR, Emily Bilodeau SO), 2:16.24. 2, Lewiston ‘C’ (Olivia Crowley FR, Sydney Bledsoe SO, Julia Perkins SO, Libby Forgues JR), 2:20.04. 3, Lewiston ‘A’ (Fiona Landry FR, Elizabeth Knowlton SR, Madeline Cote FR, Kate Bilodeau SR), x2:21.29. 4, Edward Little ‘A’ (Kora Martel JR, Katy Kimble SO, Maddi DuBois SO, Lydia Landry FR), 2:27.12. –, Leavitt ‘A’ (Samantha Deblois FR, Jalee Boucher SO, Elizabeth Bean FR, Haley Cote SO), X2:34.59.
Girls 100 Yard Backstroke
1, Izzy Bellefleur, EL, 1:09.94. 2, Brianna Letourneau, Lew, 1:38.28. –, Samantha Deblois, Leavitt, X1:17.02. –, Ellie Russell, STDOM, X1:21.03. –, Kenzie Garcia, Lew, DQ. –, Madison Freeman, Lew-ME, DQ.
Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke
1, Kora Martel, EL, 1:28.14. 2, Samantha Poirier, EL, 1:28.39. 3, Julia Perkins, Lew, 1:38.12. 4, Gabby Gladu, Lew, 1:50.97. 5, Olivia Crowley, Lew, 1:51.56. –, Emily Cummings, OXF, X1:39.25. –, Lilah Bright, LISB, X2:04.51. –, Aber Landry, Lew, XDQ.
Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Edward Little ‘A’ (Mya Vincent SO, Izzy Bellefleur SR, Samantha Poirier SR, Emma Hefty SR), 4:25.07. 2, Lewiston ‘A’ (Emily Bilodeau SO, Emily Fournier JR, Brianna Letourneau SO, Elizabeth Knowlton SR), 5:19.02. 3, Lewiston ‘B’ (Zaria Milashouskas SR, Madison Freeman FR, Kenzie Garcia FR, Aber Landry SO), 6:04.97.
Girls 200 Yard IM
1, Izzy Bellefleur, EL, 2:26.89. 2, Kora Martel, EL, 2:46.19.
Girls 100 Yard Butterfly
1, Samantha Poirier, EL, 1:21.16.

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